“Gratitude” for Hamline’s new Anderson Student Center

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Awesome, when the phone rings about a cool new music project…. A song for a new building, I asked?


Using a skill learned at Hamline University, I said, “yes” and then thought, “how am I going to do this?” With an inspiring hard hat tour, I could sense the energy and unique vibe of this new building. With this….I had the main sections of the song flowing!  Upon learning the touching story of the lead donor, I composed the slower middle section to reflect her “generations of generosity.”  The song was debuted to over 400 people at the President’s Circle dinner.   Thanks to my musical friend, Tom Hambleton, for his great orchestrations and percussion. Also, thanks to the talented other musicians: Mark Seerup-Oboe, Susan Jandra-Viola, Christopher Quinn-Cello.

With my own “Gratitude” and piper pride, you can download the song below.

Steven_C_Anderson_Hamline_Gratitude_  and for you music types, here is the Hamline_Gratitude-Score


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Check me out on the wonderful Astreaux World Terrestrial Radio program

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Check me out on the wonderful Astreaux World Terrestrial Radio program

Showcasing a 58:00 program of positive uplifting contemplative piano music.

Includes comments from the me regarding his inspirations and the creative origins of my music and energy in relationship to Spirit.

I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think!

Steven C.


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Don’t Miss My Free Christmas Concert at my home! Dec. 21st 7PM

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“Do You Hear What I Heard?” That’s right! I’m presenting a FREE Christmas concert at my home on the “Solstice” December 21st at 7pm. 

I will be joined by a few “mystery musicians” and offer a light reception after the show. The kids have worked hard on the Christmas decorations this year and we look forward the sharing the season with you.

For your FREE tickets visit:


340 Summit


 Do you Hear?

My CD “On Christmas Night” got some nice “ink” last year from Kathy Parsons


I hope to “C” you on the 21st !

On Christmas Night


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Help the homeless on Oct. 1st with Steven C., Mary Beth Carlson and Patty Peterson

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Help the homeless on Oct. 1st  with Steven C.,

Mary Beth Carlson and Patty Peterson


“Give Me Change” Concert With Steven C & Friends

Special Fundraising Event

Steven C – contemporary Minnesota composer and pianist of recently released “Spiritual Piano” will perform to raise funds for the Wells Foundation to END HOMELESSNESS!

“Steven’s music is a catalyst for healing and inspiration”
—Jim Davies, Wells Foundation Board

All proceeds support grants to organizations that use social innovation to end homelessness.

How to Buy Tickets:


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New Review for Spiritual Piano

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Steven C.

Spiritual Piano: Message Music

Steven C Music- Steven C’s Spiritual Piano breaks away from his usual musical motif in several ways: One is the abundant presence of accompanists (on mandolin, violin, fretless bass, percussion, and guitar), and the other is the music’s instantly engaging accessibility, almost approaching the breezy New Age pop sound of Wayne Gratz. Some of Steven C’s recent offerings were more anchored in a neo-classical style, so this new direction should open up his fan base considerably. According to the liner notes, the CD is quite personal to him and is aimed at helping listeners take their own spiritual journey. This particular journey is rich and rewarding indeed. Spiritual Piano is an exceptional piano and ensemble album!

-Bill Binkelman – New Age Retailer

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Performing with Jeff Arundel and the legendary (mainly in their own psyches) Bahama Boys

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It can finally be announced that Jeff Arundel and the legendary (mainly in their own psyches) Bahama Boys will perform at the lovely Maplewood Community Center Theater. We are sorry for the delay–an eastern invitation to perform had not been issued to JA since the last ill-fated performance at the Roseville Ground Round in 1983, so it took extra time to secure visas and travel permits. Have no fear, the Sheriff has approved everything, including a special appearance by the wistful and haunting Ms. Ashleigh Still, and the piano stylings of Steven C.Being that this is a theater show, rest assured that decorum will be observed, graciousness will be in abundance, and the wheels will only come off at pre-ordained moments. The sound will be pristine, the air clear and cold, and the seating pillowy and fresh. Come and join us for the only dignified show of the year! Tickets available at the Maplewood Community Center Website. Friday, September 9th 7:30pm

Maplewood Community Center Performing Arts Theater
2100 white bear avenue
maplewood, mn 55109

Tickets available at the Maplewood Community Center.   

Saturday, October 15th 8:00pm, The 318 Café
318 water street, excelsior, mn 55331
Reservations highly recommended, call: 952.401.7902

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Spiritual Piano: Music With A Message… The Journey Begins

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Whether you are a new fan or an old friend, I want to say, “thanks” for stopping by. I have some exciting news to share with you now, after a few years struggling to compose new music. I went “deep” –  read a lot of books, reflected on life A-Z  and found new inspiration from simple everyday life!

The result… Spiritual Piano!

Check out this new review from Kathy Parsons

“Steven’s mastery of the piano allows his spirit to freely soar, inviting you to play, settle, meditate, imagine, dream, and simply be.”

~Cyndi Dale (Read more of Cyndi’s glowing endorsement for Spiritual Piano below)

Cover of Steven C. Anderson's "Spiritual Piano"

Now available in my music store.

Spiritual Piano was recorded live with a small “intenders” group. I explained the inspiration and message of each song prior to recording. Click here to read what inspired each song. The “intenders” would concentrate on the theme and give it energy, intention and extra emotion. During the process of creating this CD, I have created a new term for my music. “Message Music”  is my center. My music has a greater agenda beyond sounding beautiful, great melodies, etc. “Message Music” is music with a purpose for higher good—music that seeks to inspire, heal, relax, motivate and finally to inspire insightful conversations about life and spirituality. Here are two samples:



With Ed Bonk’s expertise, May is the start of  our Radio and P.R. campaign for Spiritual Piano. We’re off to a good start!

Praise for Spiritual Piano

“I’ve spent over 30 years trekking the world in search of spiritual insights. Through my odyssey, I’ve heard the most brilliant of music, most often used for healing. These songs of the divine weren’t always angelic or orchestrated. Some were whispered through a hand-carved pipe, others toned by monks in red robes, yet others, clunked upon drums stretched with animal skin. And yes, I also touched the hem of the Divine, listening to church choirs singing “Rock of Ages,” while seated on cold wooden pews. The sacred of the music wasn’t dependent on the setting or the instrument, rather, on the heart and honesty of the musician.

Steven C. Anderson’s “Spiritual Piano” is a collection of fourteen pieces designed to create peace within your soul, and it now reigns as my favorite sacred music. Steven’s mastery of the piano allows his spirit to freely soar, inviting you to play, settle, meditate, imagine, dream, and simply be. When listening to “Letting Go,” an art I’m about as proficient in as I am at cooking (NOT), I can feel my worries unfurl, my heart expand, and the sun shine upon my head. When he performs “Ripples in a Parallel Universe,” I experience what might be—and what can still become. To revel in “Mystery in the Moment” is to acknowledge that every second is sacred, both concrete and ineffable.

Life is hectic. Every day, I help clients with their healing needs, providing intuitive ideas that might free them from darkness and invite in more light. Every evening, I run interference as a single mother with two sons and more animals that I should admit to hosting in a moderate-sized rambler. For my professional and personal life, I need travel no farther than my kitchen CD player and Steven’s amazing music.


May his music light your life as much as it has mine.”

~Cyndi Dale
Internationally Renown Author (The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy,  The Complete Book of Chakra Healing and twelve other books), Speaker and Intuitive Consultant

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Heart Strings News Update

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Cover art for Steven C. Anderson's Heart Strings CD

Available in my music store

From my home in Saint Paul, MN to the famed Abbey Road recording studios in London…what an amazing experience it was recording Heartstrings with the London Symphony Strings. I love to share this experience. Heart Strings is currently enjoying a surge in popularity thanks to a major P.R. and radio promotion campaign by Ed Bonk of Lazz promotions

I’d love for you to have a listen:


Please enjoy this full track of Heart Strings with my compliments, and feel free to download it and share it with a friend. If you play piano, you can find the sheet music of my original composition here. And check out this nice review by one of this genre’s best…Kathy Parsons of mainlypiano, and from RJ Lannan from the UK,  here’s the review from John at The Borderland:

Steven C – Heart Strings

This album caught my eye when it arrived as the musician/composer Steven C [Anderson] is accompanied by the London Symphony Strings and recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios. Now, this is quite classy, these are the string musicians drawn from the various symphony orchestras based in London. In other words, these guys ain’t cheap and neither is the recording studio, so this album has had quite a budget spent on it. So what is it like? Well, perfectly pleasant – ‘new age’-style piano-led compositions with a strong romantic theme, quite lush sounding considering the rich orchestral backing. There are fifteen tracks altogether on the CD – personally, I would class the album more as ‘easy listening’ or ‘lounge’ and it offers similar pleasures to that found on the old albums by Mantovani, Nelson Riddle, and Percy Faith. The music is smooth, glowing with a serious musicality [enhanced by some of the best orchestral musicians in the world], definitely several levels above the usual elevator music style of ‘new age’. Track titles include: My Angel, Embraced, Heartstrings in F#, Chloe, Heaven Bound, First Light, Grace, Sundown, Gift of an Angel, Too Many Hats, Over The Moon, Mistress Music, Romance, Opus Derian, and Wedding Day White. Steven C’s music is quite mellifluous, gently soothing and massaging the brain cells, easing daily stress and bringing some relief from the daily grind. This isn’t an album to change the world but it will help calm your internal one if you allow it.

I hope you enjoy this music as much I enjoyed making it.

Steven C

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Music from the Heart! – News and Updates from Steven C. Music

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Happy  Valentine’s Day!

In honor of Valentine’s Day… enjoy a few FREE downloads  Heartstrings and  Daybreak

Thanks to all who attended my home concerts in November and December, they were tons of fun !


Talk about “Luv it”,  check out this recent request…

“Dear Mr. Steven C, Hello, my name is (blank) and I’m currently a graduate student at the University of Maryland.  My girlfriend and I recently had the pleasant opportunity to listen to your album “Signature” and instantly fell in love with your music. I was wondering where I could find the sheet music for the piece titled “Daybreak” on this album. This piece is my girlfriend’s absolute favorite and I’d like to play it when I propose to her in the spring.”

I’m helping him out with a lead sheet !

In the Valentines day spirit, I really want to share part of this recent “Heartstrings” review by Bill Binkleman… wow !

“I admit it. I am die-hard romantic. I cried (actually sobbed is more like it) when I got to end of reading The Bridges of Madison County. I cry every time at the end of Children of a Lesser God, and I even tear up when Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan find true love in Sleepless in Seattle. What does this have to do with pianist Steven C’s Heart Strings CD? Simple – this is an album (of instrumental piano and orchestral strings) for lovers.

Now, I don’t mean just lovey-dovey look in their eyes lovers. I mean anyone who has ever been in love, is in love, or even dreams about being in love. If you love sunsets, if you love walks on the beach, if you love cool, crisp, grey autumn days (I do), then you are a romantic and might as well face it. And, if you also enjoy warm, emotionally rich piano music accented with strings (and not samples, these are the real deals), then you will almost certainly enjoy Heart Strings. Seldom do pianists in the “new age” genre know how to apply strings to their piano music as aptly as “C” does (his real last name is Anderson – fitting for Minnesota, doncha know). Never melodramatic, maudlin,  sappy or over the top, Anderson integrates the assorted strings (sometimes as solo instruments, sometimes as an entire section) with his flowing melodies with an uncommon dexterity and skill. He should teach this artistry to a few others, whose names will not be uttered.

Going back to Heart Strings, the CD is simply wonderful to immerse yourself in when you are in a dreamy reflective state but not restricted to melancholic or somber music.  “My Angel,” and ending with the “Wedding Day White.” With nary a hint of cloying sentimentality or schmaltzy melodrama, the pianist paints these truly romantic soundscapes, one after another. Heart Strings will send your spirit soaring to new heights, borne on recalled moments of joy, and your soul will reflect inward on memories long forgotten.” Rating: Very Good+

Upcoming events

I am now performing Wednesday’s at 7:30pm and Sunday’s at 9:30am  for a ‘new’ church in an amazing old space right next to the convention center in Mpls.

Check out the Wesley ambiance by looking here. I play, I speak and with this church— “everyone is welcome.”

Friday March 4th… a big day !

I’ll be speaking and performing “Spiritual Piano” at my alma mater Hamline University for their popular “First Friday Forums.

Then Friday night at 7pm on March 4th, experience a very different side of my music-ness with this concert event at our house, featuring acclaimed singer/songwriters Jeff Arundel and Holly Long, a great musical night –“Holly Long and Jeff Arundel -Together Again for the First Time – A House Concert”

This will be a great night of acoustic/electric music ( I will be sitting in too).

Only $10.00 includes wine, beer, coffee, beverages and snacks.

The first 25 people to purchase tickets will receive FREE -Holly Long’s new CD Frequency.”

Limited seating – so get your tickets now!

REGISTER for tickets: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e3buko1pa61232cf&llr=bsur4kcab

Finally… Not quite a Grammy Award but…

ZoneMusicReporter has nominated me for:
  • Best Holiday Album
  • Best Neo-Classical Album
You can view all the nominees at:


Be well!

Steven C.

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The Christmas Season is here and I have yuletide cheer to share!

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First, a big thank you to all who attended my “Spiritual Piano” concerts. That was amazing. I am blessed.

The CD cover for On Christmas Night

On Christmas Night is available in my music store

Second, with the success of my recent “Heartstrings” CD (#5 on the charts), we decided to re-work “On Christmas Night” and re-issue it after it was rescued from a label that went under. With the chance to revisit this album, I heard some songs differently (they went away) and thankfully new Christmas songs arrived, plus the graphics needed updating so I enlisted my o-so-talented designer friend Kelli May Krenz of 730thursday.com to create the visual holiday spice. And WOW!, check out these early reviews from Kathy, Keith, and Raj.

Here’s some of what they love:

Gesu Bambino
Christmas Time Is Here
Walking in the Air

There’s more.

Sometimes the most exciting projects are created when they’re created from a love of the repertoire, and what started as a simple gift idea for Christmas has become a new and special CD from yours truly. “Duet Noel”  is brand new and truly one of a kind, featuring fifteen amazing arrangements by such artists as Melody Bober, Eugene Butler, and Rebecca Bonam. Finding these arrangements was quite an adventure and in retrospect it seems almost impossible that I had never heard of Melody, Eugene, and Rebecca prior to this project. Most of all, it seems impossible that no one had ever recorded them. So I did. I’m joined at the piano by the very talented Ann Tracey of the Crocus Hill Music School and the sound of our four hands on my Bosendorfer is breathtaking.

The CD cover for Duet Noel

Duet Noel is available in my music store

Give Duet Noel a sample:

Still, Still, Still
Sing We Now
Merry Christmas Medley

Both Duet Noel and On Christmas Night, plus all the single song downloads from each CD, are available now in my store, or at CD baby, and very soon at iTunes and Amazon. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Be Our Guest at Our Free Christmas Concert

While immersed in all this recording, a Christmas light bulb went on in my head, reminding me I have never given a Christmas concert. Well, it’s the perfect year to fix that! My family and I love decorating for the holidays and this year we want to share this wonderful Christmas season with you.

Steven C. & Friends will present three free Christmas concerts on Sunday December 19th at 3pm, Monday December 20th at 7pm, and a special “Solstice” performance on Tuesday December 21st at 7pm. You can reserve your free tickets here.

Won’t you please come and be our guest, and bring a friend or loved one. After all, Christmas is about sharing peace, joy, and love with the entire world.

Be well,

Steven C.

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