Steven C Music

Saint Paul resident Steven C creates relaxing, contemporary piano music. Steven has sold more than two million records and has performed with another multi-platinum group, Mannheim Steamroller.

Personal Glimpse:

Steven C is an avid runner in St. Paul’s Summit Hill neighborhood, consumes an above-average amount of coffee, places his family at the top of his priority list, and lives a very full life — one to which many contemporary listeners can relate. He seeks out and surrounds himself with people who complement his talents and who bring him to a deeper understanding of his faith and his capabilities as a parent, son, brother, friend, and steward of the earth.

Pianist and composer Steven C. Anderson lives a life overflowing with music. Listeners around the world have discovered him through literally millions of online streams of his solo piano pieces—compositions that are inventive, soothing, and performed with an exquisite touch.

The classically trained pianist, who goes professionally by the name Steven C, has a keen ear and a natural sensibility for a wide range of musical styles. Highlights of his extensive career include recording with the London Symphony Strings at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London; performing with Mannheim Steamroller on the TODAY show; and a personally meaningful release concert for his 2015 album Christmas Beyond, which drew a full 3,000-person house to the majestic Cathedral of Saint Paul in Minnesota on a sparkling December night.

Steven has sold more than 2 million copies of his own recordings, including Chasing Grace (American Gramaphone) and HeartStrings, the album he recorded in London. HeartStrings features all original compositions and was a collaborative effort with Grammy Award-winning arranger and conductor Arnie Roth, whose credits include working with artists such as Andrea Bocelli and Charlotte Church. Other original albums include C-Notes, Past to Presence, Signature, and Spiritual Piano. Among his most popular singles are “Signature,” “Deep Within,” “’Til Death Do Us Part,” and “Daybreak,” which has been streamed more than 13 million times from online sites such as Pandora.

His career is a producer is also extensive. Steven has produced more than 350 titles, including a best-selling series of CDs that blended music with the serene sounds of nature on the NorthSound label. Other production credits include working as producer and creative director for New York City-based Michael Whalen Music, a top composer for TV shows and feature films; producer for children’s music for The Discovery Channel; and producing, composing, and performing music for the award-winning Baby Genius series.

In the years since he reluctantly took piano lessons as a young boy, Steven earned a B.A. in piano and organ performance and studied with the late jazz legend Manfredo Fest. After graduating from college, he performed in local bands, played pipe organ at numerous churches, and even revved up NBA crowds by playing keyboards during Minnesota Timberwolves basketball games. He has shared his talents in many venues such as St. Paul’s historic Fitzgerald Theater, Minnesota Public Radio, the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality & Healing, and with countless music groups and churches in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. His music was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show for his song “Opus Derian,” which he composed after being deeply moved by the sight of a tiny casket at a small boy’s funeral. Proceeds from that CD are donated to the Spare Key Foundation, a nonprofit organization offering financial assistance to parents of critically ill or injured children.

After contributing to more than 400 recordings for other label projects, he launched his own label, Steven C. Music, in 2007, allowing him to return full-circle to focusing on his own composing, performing, producing, and recording. He records his solo piano work on his prized 9-foot Bösendorfer piano, an instrument that he endorses for its astonishing sonic range and responsiveness.

Whether he is performing a concert live, bringing his healing musical presence to those grieving at a funeral, or recording his original compositions in order to reach a much wider audience, Steven C invites the rest of us to share in his overflowing life of music.