About Steven C. Anderson

Celebrated composer and pianist Steven C (a.k.a. Steven C. Anderson) channels his life experiences through the creation of music. Steven’s artistry and passion allow him to express his heartfelt music in a way that is both enjoyable and accessible to a growing audience of piano enthusiasts who particularly appreciate the spiritual and healing aspects of his music.

Steven C’s release, Spiritual Piano, (September 2010) is a musical representation of his life today – where his beliefs are taking him and what he’s recently experienced. Each inspired composition is influenced by Steven’s desire to be more spiritually enlightened through both meditation and reading (Ram Dass, Eckhart Tolle, Gregg Braden, Krista Tippet Malcolm Gladwell, Rhonda Byrne).

The collection compels the listener to take their own spiritual journey, whether religious or not – to become increasingly conscious of one’s own feelings, circumstances and perspectives; to be more aware and present. The songs have the power to be a catalyst for healing, meditation and transformation. The dynamic range of emotions is expressed through changes in tempo, tone, chord and volume, which are simultaneously mysterious and reflective.

This collection was recorded in a unique setting with an audience present. Each piece has a brief introduction that allows a bridge to be built between Steven’s intention and the listener’s own experience of the music. Spiritual Piano is Steven C’s most personal recording to date. It crosses numerous genres and therefore has broad appeal.

Future Releases:

Long-awaited Holiday collection Christmas-Beyond Midnight will be recorded in fall 2013 and released in early Winter 2013. This collection includes both original compositions and bold interpretations of classic, lesser-known Christmas carols. It is inspired by the song Wrapped in Red Ribbon, which was written based upon a conversation with Steve’s daughter, Nadya. The theme of this release centers on the idea that the holiday season has wandered too far from its true meaning, and that individuals and families can restore and honor the season by simplifying and by doing good deeds for others in need. Living daily the Christmas spirit, joy, excitement and wonder is the mission and message of Christmas-Beyond Midnight.

Past Releases:

As an established and respected recording artist, Steven Anderson has impressively sold well over 2 million records. His beloved canon includes the popular CD Chasing Grace (American Gramaphone) and a best-selling series of nature themed CD’s with the acclaimed NorthSound Label. HisHeartstrings recording project, recorded in London at famed Abbey Road Studios, (the “A” room) features all original compositions, and boasts the contributions of Grammy Award™ winning conductor Arnie Roth (Andrea Bocelli, Charlotte Church, Chip Davis ) and the prestigious London Symphony Strings. This remarkable recording has been heralded as his best and most musically realized to date, and has elicited great response, reviews and interest throughout the music industry.
Background & Notoriety:

Steven’s talent has been enjoyed worldwide, via numerous recordings and live performances, and has graced the airwaves of NBC’s The Today Show, QVC, PBS, Oprah, Music Choice, and the Discovery Channel.

Classically trained and gifted with a keen ear and sensibility for all styles of music, Steven began his musical education with perfunctory piano lessons at home – the kind that many burgeoning artists endure—eventually perfecting his craft and distinctive style at respected Hamline University. It was at Hamline that he earned a BA in music (piano and organ performance) and had the good fortune of studying extensively with the late jazz legend Manfredo Fest (Concord Jazz). Additionally, his alma mater honored Steven’s ever-expanding musical excellence by presenting him with the distinguished First Decade Award.

Beyond being an esteemed performing artist, including performance with Mannheim Steamroller, Steven also lends his in-demand musical talents to a select list of diverse and respected clients. They include the Center for Spirituality & Healing at the University of Minnesota; Minnesota Public Radio, where he is the promotions producer; Minnesota Timberwolves; and the Fitzgerald Theater. He has also served as producer for the award winning Baby Genius series, including the 2010 release of Fifty Classic Lullabies, available at retailers nationwide. In the early 90s, Steven became audio director/executive producer for NorthWord Press—the successful Wisconsin-based record label that produced albums mixing music with the serene sounds of nature. Steven has produced over 350 successful titles for NorthWord Press and other noteworthy labels.

Additionally, Steven proudly endorses the illustrious Bosendorfer piano, along with other venerable musicians such as Tori Amos and Victor Borge.(His 9-foot concert piano centers his home and recording studio and gets a vigorous workout daily).

Steven is also proud to be associated with the Spare Key Foundation, a non-profit organization offering financial assistance to parents with critically ill children. Steven has produced a benefit CD entitled “Opus Derian” in honor of Derian Keech, a 2-year-old Twin Cities boy who died of a rare disease referred to as CHARGE syndrome. Steven’s signature song for this special project, “Opus Derian,” was highlighted on the Oprah television show.

Personal Glimpse:

Steven is a high-energy person who runs daily, consumes an above-average amount of coffee, places his family at the top of his priority list and lives a very full life – one to which many contemporary families can relate. He constantly seeks out and surrounds himself with people who complement his talents and who bring him to a deeper understanding of his faith and his capabilities as a parent, husband, son, brother, friend and steward of the earth. He is the father of five children ranging in age from 6 to 17, and lives in the vibrant, historical Summit Hill area of St. Paul where he and his wife, Diane, have completely renovated two landmark homes.

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